XVII. Weimarer Strassenbau-und Baustoffsymposium

XVII. Weimarer Strassenbau- und Baustoffsymposium

XVII. Weimarer Strassenbau- und Baustoffsymposium 1

Latersolo at the Universidade de Bauhaus Universität Weimar in Germany march.2015.


1th International Journal of Pavements Conference – IJPC 2013

More information at: www.ijpavement.com

IJPC 2013 folder
On behalf of IJP publisher and editors, we are pleased to announce the first International Journal of Pavements Conference to be held on December 9 – 10, 2013 in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

This will be an excellent forum to reach out to a large number of industry professionals, educators, researchers, transportation engineers, and agency officials involved in education, research, building, and preserving transportation infrastructure worldwide.

This conference will provide a unique opportunity to interact and exchange information among professionals and educators of several countries, who are active in designing, constructing, maintaining and preserving, and managing pavement assets.

6th Conference of Infrastructure and Transportation – Coninfra 2012

More information at: www.andit.org.br/coninfra2012


The Conference of Infrastructure and Transportation (CONINFRA) has the objective of drive innovation on the infrastructure and transportaion fields by the exchange of technologies, research and information, being hold in a objective, interdisciplinary and plural environment.

The CONINFRA meeting gather around 500 professionals of the relateds field with different backgrounds like, engineers, architects, executives, scientists, professors, researchers, among others, both from private, public and academic sectors.

In the 6th edition, the CONINFRA 2012 was held in the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, Brazil, on April, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of 2012.

Invited speakers:
Jean Carlos Pejo, Directo at JC Pejo Consultoria
José Antonio Batistade Moura Ziebarth, CADE/ USP
Cyro Laurenza, Consultant
Eduardo Alberto Ricci, Director at ABPv
Luiz Guilherme de Melo, Construction Coordinator at DNIT
Casemiro Tercio Carvalho, President at Cia. Docas de S. Sebastião.
Guilherme Quintella, President at EDLP